//Which users are the most tweeting your product?

Which users are the most tweeting your product?

In this post I want to teach you  how to see which users talk about something  on Twitter and present it in a simple chart. For this example we are going to look at the hashtag #nintendo.

As we saw in another Post , the first thing we have what to do is make the query on Twitter and save it in a data frame.

api_key <- "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
api_secret <- "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
## [1] "Using browser based authentication"
Query= searchTwitter("#Rstats", geo=NULL)
Result= twListToDF(Query)

We create the user variables, selecting the data frame users and order them from largest to smallest.

Users = table(Result$screenName)
Users_sort= sort(Users, decreasing=T)

To present this data in a visual way we create a color palette with a gradient.

degraded= function (color1, color2, degraded)
  palete = colorRampPalette(c(color1, color2))
  palete (degraded)
palette = degraded("#033240", "#0895BF", 15)

To be able to visualize this data we are going to create a graph, broken down into three parts: 1º We establish the margins to adjust the image 2º We draw the graph with the 15 most active users. 3º We add a legend explaining the data.

par(mar=c(10,5,2,2), bg="white")
barplot(Users_sort[1:15], las=2, cex.names =1, col=palette )  

Ejemplo de análisis de usuarios en Twitter

And we get a graphic representation of the users who most Tweet with the hashtag # Rstats.

Which users are the most tweeting your product?
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Which users are the most tweeting your product?
An easy way to know which Twitter users are the most talking about a specific hashtag that refers to something that interests us, with a simple script.
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