How to connect R with Twitter?

Hello everyone, today I want to explain you how to extract information from Twitter using R libraries.

To start playing with the Twitter library we will start by registering at Twiter Developers .

This is the first part to configure our API on Twitter.

As you can see, you are requesting the following information:

Name: We specify the name of the application we are creating, in our case Example

Description: It is the description that we are going to show the user when he connects, our description is: Example of connection to twitter with R

Website: Our website, we must indicate that url is the one linked to this application.

Callback URL: When we make the identification we have to indicate where the call is returned, in our case we will put

We click on create application and we will see the following screen:

Once we have the application, click on Keys and Access Tokens , below we can see the section Your Access Token and
Here we can ask you to generate the tokens to use the application.

We have prepared our application on twitter to access, extract and analyze the information of this social network.

The next step is to connect R with API twitter. Go to the post

How to connect R with Twitter?
Article Name
How to connect R with Twitter?
How to create an Script on Twitter with its corresponding fields to be able to connect to Twitter and extract information from Tweets to analyze them.
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